Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I thought it was joke! I wrote it down in my diary.

Whenever I hear that someone is attempting to make an argument against women's suffrage (yes I have heard this more than once! I know.) I always think surely they are joking... but no.

This guy John Derbyshire thinks "we would be a better country if women didn't vote." (via Think Progress)

He was on Alan Colme's radio show this morning where he danced around saying that we should repeal women's suffrage, but basically said that women shoudn't have the right to vote, and he "wouldn't lose any sleep" if that were the case.

Two reasons for this, apparently: 1. We got along 130 years just fine without women voting! 2. Women tend to "vote left." Translation: Women are not voting the way I (conservative male) want them to. Therefore, they should not vote.

Oh yeah, he also thinks we should repeal the 1964 Civil Rights Act because you “shouldn’t try to force people to be good.”

Alan Colmes countered with "should we bring back slavery too?" to which Derbyshire responded, "No, I’m in favor of freedom personally." I guess he is only in favor of freedom if you have a penis. Sorry ladies!

Unfortunately this guy is not some random whackjob off the streets. I never heard of him before today, but apparently he's written a few books (his latest which he was promoting on the show - apparently an entire chapter of which is dedicated to ending women's suffrage) and also writes for the National Review.

Well, at least Colmes made him look like an idiot. So much better without Hannity...


  1. ...because the show then does not include a person who does not think the way you (liberal female) do? Not trying to be a jerk, but in essence, it is the same thing. You prefer a radio show that includes the liberal view and not the conservative, and this Derbyshire fellow prefers elections that include his view and not the other. I understand that one issue is on a much larger scale, but I feel like it illustrates that everyone wants to surround themselves with the comfort of others who think like them and convince others to agree. I don't think it's necessarily always bad, I think that you should be careful about the information you feed yourself, but I just think that it's fair to call things how they really are.

    And to be clear, I don't agree with this guy. I've never heard of him before either.

  2. The difference is that I think conservatives should be allowed to vote and would think something was terribly wrong if that right way taken away :)

    I do listen to the conservative viewpoint (O'Reilly Factor, Hannity, Dave Ramsey (mostly Dave Ramsey b/c I like his advice on money even if I don't agree w/ his politics), my inlaws, etc. I can say "I don't prefer Hannity" because I've actually listened to Hannity, but I wouldn't say "Hannity should not be allowed to vote."

  3. what are your thoughts on Glenn Beck? I've only seen his show once because my mother-in-law watches it, but I figured he'd be a guy you love. ;)

  4. LoL - I gotta be honest. I pretty much only watch Glenn Beck via You Tube videos of all the crazy shit he says. Oh, I did see him on the O'Reilly Factor last week too (I don't regularly watch the O'Reilly Factor but I'll flip to it occasionally & watch a few segments) ...but yeah, not so much a fan.