Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sexy Clownfish? Seriously?

I like how every Halloween costume imaginable can be made into a "SEXY" Halloween costume. Gone are the days of just being a "sexy kitten" or "sexy nurse." Now, ANYTHING can be sexy simply by hiking up your skirt and opening up your blouse.

Why you can be a sexy border patrol agent! A sexy pirate! A sexy honeybee! A sexy Alice in Wonderland! A sexy clownfish! Yes, a sexy clownfish.

It's a little ridiculous. Whatever happened to a little creativity? Whatever happened to looking sexy without looking ridiculous? Surely, there is some sort of happy medium between being dressed head to toe as "The Bride of Frankenstein" as Lindsay Lohan's character did in Mean Girls (before she knew about "the slut rule"), and the costumes the other girls wore that reflect "the one day a year a girl can dress like a total slut and no one can say anything to her about it."

Last year, one of the most popular Halloween costumes was "Sarah Palin." And while some women I'm sure donned a red, white, and blue bikini and a "Miss Alaska" sash, I thought it would be fun to 1. Not spend a lot of money on a Halloween costume. 2. Actually try to somewhat look like her. 3. Make fun of her a little bit without being too mean (I had to go to a party at my inlaws...)

So what I ended up with was a skirt and suit jacket, my glasses, hair in bun, a small American flag, and a nametag that read HELLO My Name Is "Maverick"

I thought it was a good costume... not saying there's anything wrong with trying to look "sexy" just saying that maybe our definition of sexy is little skewed.

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