Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanks, Scott Evans!

Actual comment from AJC (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) article

Yes, women have reproductive rights. They have the right to keep their legs together.

Thanks, Scott Evans. Please tell me more about my reproductive rights...

I feel like whenever I talk about this people look at me differently. You know, the "A word", "shmashmortion." I know I'm not the only "pro choice" person out there, but sometimes it feels like it.

So the big issue in the news lately, maybe you've heard of it. It's called the Stupak amendment, and it's part of the healthcare bill that's being voted on. And I've been reading about it for weeks now, and I'm still confused. So I can only imagine how people who might only read one quick article about it might be REALLY confused.

Proponents of it say that it merely reinforces existing law, which is that no governments funds can pay for abortion. Medicaid, S-Chip, plans for federal employees, military, etc, do not cover or pay for abortions, except in cases of rape, incest, or if the life of the mother is endangered. (Also known as the Hyde Amendment) 87% of employer based insurance plans cover abortions. Guttmacher Institute says that 1 in 3 women will have had an abortion by the age of 45. It's one of the most common surgical procedures there is.

Basically what the Stupac amendment is saying is that the government will ban coverage for abortions from all public and private health plans in the "Exchange" that's going to be created (maybe).

To help individuals purchase insurance, the federal government will provide subsidies (in the form of premium credits) to eligible individuals and families with incomes between 150% and 400% above the poverty level.

The House bill also extends premium credits to individuals with employer-sponsored insurance if their share of premiums exceeds 12% of their income, which could make an additional 1 million people eligible for purchasing coverage in the Exchange.
RH Reality Check

You can read two different articles about it, and they will say two different things (either it's not changing existing law, or it's taking away abortion coverage from millions of women who already have it) But my question is, why do you need a new law to say what's already in an existing law?

So my feeling is that the purpose of the amendment is to continue to chip away at women's rights to obtain an abortion by imposing more and more restrictions and making it financially unfeasible to obtain one. So basically the right to an abortion would only extend to women who can pay out of pocket for it.

60 percent of American's don't want federal funds to pay for abortions? Ok, well we should clearly go with the majority... I'm sure that will work out well. I wonder what other legal medical procedures or medications we can vote for doing away with? Contraception will probably be next on list I'm sure. With all the talk about no shmashmortion coverage, no is talking about how no insurers in the plan are required to cover contraception, as most insurers do now

Odd to me that the same politicians who are against abortion aren't fierce advocates for birth control. I never understood that.

Yet despite its widespread use and acceptance, lawmakers don’t see birth control as the fact of life that it is. Even though politicians are—or, at least, presumably were at some point—regular people, they pretend that something most women have used as a matter of course is a moral issue, and a politically radioactive one at that.

You don't get to pick what your tax dollars go to. I don't like funding two wars, but I'm SOL. I don't think I'm a bad person because I support the right to have an abortion pre-viability, and the right to have an abortion post-viability if the woman's life or health is in jeopardy, a law which incidentally has been in place for 36 years and has not been overturned despite multiple Republican administrations being in office during that time.

That doesn't mean I'm "pro abortion" or that I hate babies. Quite the opposite in fact. And people who don't want it to be legal have every right to persuade their legislators to change the law, which is kind of what's happening in a round about way, but I think then that they should also support funding for contraception, and they should also support government funded healthcare for babies that are born and their mothers who need it. They should support prenatal care and delivery and birth control being covered in all health insurance plans. And if we're going to look at it from a cost perspective (and it's always being looked at from a cost perspective) it's a lot cheaper for an insurance plan to cover birth control than it is to cover children for 18 years.

I'd like to thank Scott Evans for informing me of my reproductive rights. I should actually post his comment in its entirely because it was so nice of him to inform women about their rights and choices.

November 20th, 2009
6:53 pm

Um…are women too stupid to know what causes pregnancy or what? Yes, women have reproductive rights. They have the right to keep their legs together. And if they cannot control themselves for whatever reason, then they have choices which are: 1. The choice to keep the baby or 2. The choice to adopt the baby. The unborn are babies and it’s never right to kill a baby.

I'd like to think that most women do in fact know what causes pregnancy, and well actually, I would hope that men would know too. But that doesn't matter because as we all know men have every right to sleep around because they don't have to worry about getting pregnant and if a man does get a woman pregnant, it was her fault for being a slut who couldn't "control herself" and didn't keep her legs together. Thanks, Scott!

Obviously, as Scott Evans informed me of, sometimes women can't "control themselves" and thus get pregnant. Regardless of current law, we now know from Scott Evan's superior commentary that women have TWO choices. I'm going to give Scott the benefit of the doubt here (why, I have no idea) and assume that in Choice #2 he actually meant give the baby up for adoption rather than adopt the baby since women don't technically adopt babies that come out of their vaginas.

I think the original article from the AJC that my "friend" Scott commentated on makes a good point. Women of childbearing age in the US and most middle aged people do not know an America where abortion is illegal.

Because the U.S. Supreme Court granted women the right to control their own reproduction in a 1973 ruling, Roe v Wade, forty-something Americans have no first-hand knowledge of back alley abortions. It’s likely they haven’t even heard second-hand stories of women who died from infections caused by coat-hanger terminations.

I think it's important to remember that women died from unsafe abortion, and women are dying every day in developing countries from unsafe abortion. 70,000 annually And yes, I do want to see the abortion rate reduced and eventually eliminated. But making it illegal and unsafe is not the way to do that. Education and access to contraception (for both men and women) is.

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  1. It is ironic and hypocritical that the Jesus-hating terrorist Scott Melvin Evans would comment.
    I know from personal experience.
    I live two blocks away from where Scott bullies people nearly every Saturday (Scott Evans calls his bullying and harassing behavior “sidewalk counseling”). We all know exactly who Scott is and every single time I drive by there (like this past Saturday morning), he is out there with a ridiculous looking small video camera mounted to his shoulder and all while trying to videotape everyone and violating everyone's right to privacy. My neighbors and I have researched these people and almost all of them are criminals!
    Scott Melvin Evans and convicted criminals Jo Anne Scott (convicted of federal charges of conspiring to bomb a clinic!) and Ken Tyler Scott (convicted deadbeat dad!), are all Jesus-hating "sidewalk counselors" and have disgusting, photo-shopped signs, bloody plastic children's baby dolls, morbid "baby caskets", and fake 'abortion' posters of bloody babies, and these are all over the streets in our neighborhood. They have giant signs of miscarriages and knowingly falsely present them as "abortions".
    I was appalled at what I witnessed out on the public street! Their tactics are awful and even anti-human.
    I have two daughters, both on birth control until they are ready to have my grandchildren (hopefully soon!), and if Scott harassed them like that, I would call the police on him. I met several of the other horrible bullies next to the driveway on that Saturday and got their names: Beau Ballentine, Leslie Hanks, Tony Massey, and Cliff Powell. They are out there regularly and are yelling nasty stuff too. They all try to emulate Scott Evans or Ken Scott's aggressive, obnoxious, anti-Jesus behaviour.
    They know no boundaries, are very loud, obnoxious and aggressive and I can often hear them yelling and making noise from my back yard! NONE of my neighbors want to drive near these horrible images and activities, especially when we have our young children in the car. Everyone reading this take a minute and imagine how you would feel if you had these grotesque signs lining the streets in your neighborhood! We are sick of it. These "protestors" will lie to and mislead ANYONE who they can get to stop to listen, or otherwise is within earshot.
    These “sidewalk counselors” are out there nearly every day, and apparently paid to be there by Bob Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Church in Arvada.
    Fact: “Pastor” Bob Adolph Enyart was sentenced to 60 days in jail for beating a 7 year old boy so hard with a belt that he bled! This is the kind of person he truly is the leader of the pack and Scott Evans and Ken Scott follow his every whim, doing the devil’s work.
    They do so much harm to the anti-abortion cause, which should be peaceful.
    GOD will be the judge of all of us one way or another, NOT these terrible bullies! Jesus was peaceful and would have never done any of this and would not have approved in any way.
    I am a member of a very large and REAL Christian Church south of Denver and our Pastor gave a wonderful sermon on Sunday about how these "sidewalk counselor" bullies blaspheme the name of the Lord. Our Pastor encouraged us to engage Voice of Choice ( to help attempt to get the protesters to see that this should not be about anyone's stance on abortion, but to NOT BULLY and NOT HARRASS your fellow human beings.
    Hundreds of the parishioners have contacted Voice of Choice and offered their services to do what they could do to help. I hope you will do the same. Please pray for the protesters!