Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coming Soon: Collating Wars

What is with all the reality shows that have to do with jobs? Yes, I know know the better question might be, what is with all the reality shows? Period. But, alas, we are way past that point.

There is I want to be a hairdresser!! (Making the Cut) I want to be a fashion designer!! (Project Runway) I want to be a chef!! (Top Chef) I want to be a tattoo artist!!! (Inked) I want to work in a tanning salon!! (I don't know the name of this one, but I am ashamed to say I've watched it for an excruciating 10 minutes... on more than one occasion.) So then people who want to do these various jobs do crazy competitions FOR AN HOUR. FOR MULTIPLE EPISODES. AND SOMETIMES SEASONS. It's crazy.

I wonder what job is next to be brought to the world of reality tv/competition. I want to see some sort of office wars show. I imagine there would be a very large collating project competition, with mass hysterics of course because everyone hates each other. There should be a typing competition too. Like in high school when they covered your hands and you had to type with both accuracy and speed. But to make it not boring and to create suspense (key to this type of programming) the producers will mix up the letters on the keyboard. Or perhaps secretly remove two or three of the most frequently used letters. Like S and R and E. Actually, what the hell, we should just make it R,S,T,L,N,E - Wheel of Fortune Style. That would really screw with people if all those letters were missing... and their hands and the keyboard would be covered of course. So they'd be all WHAT THE FUCK!!! as they were typing. Mass hysterics.

I now have a new understanding of the phrase, "You should be part of the solution, not part of the problem."

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  1. lol, but for real this time (not like 95% of the time I use that). :) I also find the same idiocy with teen programming. and now they've just started reusing old shows (90210). seriously, how many teenage vampire sex-havin' shows does this world need? just seeing the commercials is enough stupidity for me. I mean, I love my Family Guy and Simpsons and American Dad, but I know to draw the line at The Cleveland Show. it all has to stop somewhere. ...I have no idea why I'm rambling about this. but anyway, yes, right on to you, my friend. :)