Saturday, March 20, 2010

In the Life Of...

Here's is what's going on in the life of Kim:

1. Just spent the last 15 minutes watching the greatest parody of Glenn Beck EVER. Courtesy of Jon Stewart.

2. Started writing for the Examiner. They basically have writers for every topic you could possibly think of, and they all are local to whatever area you are in. For example, if you are interested in Dallas Nudist Culture, there is an Examiner for you!

I will be writing about something less, um... weird. I am now officially the Houston Women's Issues Examiner! I know that is probably still weird to some people. What that means is that I will be writing about news stories, pop culture, etc. through a feminist lens and with a local (to Houston) spin. I think the local spin will be the hardest part for me.

For now you can check out my first article about the Texas School Board's proposed changes to the social studies curriculum. It is basically a condensed third person version of the rant that was my previous blog post. It's really hard to keep my opinions to approximately 400 words. But apparently the people on the Interweb have no patience!

So, you should go read it! Right Now! If you've already read it, you should click on it again. I get paid per page view. Like 1/2 cent per page view + $1.00 per article!! So 5,486,723 more page views and I will be quitting my day job, baby. (I'm not really doing this to make money).

I also just posted a second article, HOT OFF THE PRESSES: Removing school signs does not prevent sexual assault

3. Last weekend I watched the movie Whip It, and I am now on a mission to become a roller derby girl... uh, I mean GO SEE a roller derby event. Through my extensive Google research I found that Houston has a roller derby team! And they have their first "bout" TONIGHT. I have miraculously convinced my husband to go with me to this event this evening. This is most likely due to the fact that our late afternoon volleyball plans have been nixed because of the rainy weather today.

I am super excited to go though, and may write about it for my next Examiner article. Even though I wouldn't mind going by myself, I think it'd be more fun with Greg. Everything is more fun with Greg. Say it with me now... AWW!! Now I need to hope he doesn't change his mind. So I'll need to be super sweet the rest of the day and not wake him up until, like 5pm and refrain from constantly reminding him that our yard looks like a scene from the Jungle Book.

4. My cat is quite possibly on crack cocaine. She randomly jumps in the bathtub, chews on tape, and licks the kitchen faucet in a way that I can only describe as "inappropriate."

5. I'm almost finished reading Chelsea Handler's new book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, and I'm slightly disappointed. Not as funny as Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. It feels somewhat forced, like "hey I'm gonna do this crazy shit, so I can write about it for my next book!" The only chapter I really laughed out loud in was "Dudley" in which she convinced her boyfriend that she was responsible for the death a dog named "Dudley" and then made him dress up and attend its fake funeral. It's funnier than it sounds, I promise.

6. I briefly got back into running while training for a 5K, but have since lapsed in going out for runs. I told myself I would go running MORE when daylight savings time kicked in. That has turned out to be a bunch of bullshit. I'm thinking of signing up for a half marathon this year which will force me to run more because I won't want to embarrass myself in an actual race. I've found out that if you run competitively in college, people expect you to be a good runner post college. I don't want to be that person wheezing on the side of the road, while onlookers say to themselves, "oh she used to be such a good runner; what happened?!" To which I would reply, "I got a JOB and a two hour commute, BITCH!!" :)

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