Monday, April 26, 2010

Bitches Aint Shit!

UPDATE: Anyone from "Manhood Academy" who wishes to comment on this post should be aware that I have decided to institute a 3 "cunts" and your comment gets deleted policy. (not kidding, I actually got a comment that said that three times. It's called a thesaurus, people! Seriously, at least be creative in your insults.)

I've been wanting to write a post on the fluidity of gender, specifically on how gender roles in society have changed and are continuing to change. Some consider modern gender roles or lack thereof to be detrimental to society and to cause "confusion" and "emasculation" of males. And so my post was going to be on how men and women have had to adjust to changing gender roles over the last few decades, how women are often as confused as men as to what it means to "be a woman" or to "be a man."

But instead the majority of this post will probably be dedicated to discussing Manhood Academy and their "Principles 101: Feminism, Manhood, and You" "book." This website and this book are 100% serious and their mission is for colleges to teach "Male Studies" in the same way that some offer "Women's Studies." There's been a lot of intelligent response from the feminist community as to why this is a dumb idea (it already exists, it's proponents are often misogynist, males studies proponents generally reject women's studies as a concept, so how can they create the same concept for men, etc..)

And to that I would add, I seriously don't remember learning about very many specific women in history classes, and when I did it was an anomaly. Like after 27 male figures, Hey! Betsy Ross sewed the American flag! Abigail Adams was a LADY! Married to John Adams! And same with literature, after 12 or so male poets: Oh yes, Emily Dickinson! She wrote poems too! Kinda crazy, she was after all a WOMAN at the time! I mean, I'm not trying to say that we should change "History" to "Herstory" or anything like that, but you know, there's a reason why Women's Studies and "African American Studies" were created. It should be obvious, but I'll go ahead and state it: Women and minorities (one could conceivably be both btw!!) are under represented in traditional academia.

Now that the semi intelligent part of the post is over, let's get to the fun stuff, shall we? There is SO MUCH to cover! Class, please turn your books to chapter 1 in Principles 101: Feminism, Manhood, and You. First, we shall identify "the problem" FEMINISM. Feminism has given women the crazy idea that they should have rights and autonomy. This is dangerous for women because:

Women lack foresight for the same reason children lack it;they focus on themselves to a dysfunctional degree. Without male guidance, women neglect to consider the viewpoint of others.

As a result, women, in relation to men, lack the capacity to bear heavy responsibilities. Yet, because of Feminism’s reckless encouragement, they happily volunteer to “steer” the lives of others, oblivious to the dangerous situations they create; our Feminist society lowers academic, professional and civil service standards to accommodate women’s irresponsible desire to accept duties they were never designed to fulfill. Consequently,our schools, our economy and our lives must all sit in the passenger seat, waiting for the inevitable crash.

Last I heard the "crash" has already happened, largely in part to a mostly male run Wall Street and banking system... but that's neither here nor there. We know what women AREN'T supposed to be doing (going to college or having jobs, CLEARLY) so what ARE we supposed to be doing?

#1 Submitting to our husband's authority (women who don't have husbands aren't real women)
#2 Not being bitches.

Well, how do I not be a bitch?! GLAD YOU ASKED. If you exhibit any of the following characteristics, you may in fact, be a bitch (and we all know bitches ain't shit!)

• Anger towards men
• Use of insulting language
• A stubborn will
• A tendency to make demands
• A narcissistic attitude
• An argumentative disposition

According to Manhood Academy, "Examining the relationship of these aspects reveals a common pattern of dysfunctional behavior typified by women deprived of male authority." (see #1 above!)

So, any "demands" (like, hey, you should treat me with respect and as an equal partner in this relationship!) - BITCH. Not gonna give in during an argument (like, no I will not buy a stick shift car because I don't know how to drive stick, and have no desire to learn because soon they will be antiquated) - BITCH (ok, that one might just be me, but feel free to insert your own personal argument here*!) Since I am also angry at these men for what they are saying (yet also amused!) that gives me extra Bitch points, but these men being angry at women they deem bitches is totally justified, of course.

*In all seriousness, there have been many "arguments" in which we have either compromised or did what Greg wanted to do. I am in no way advocating that women should always get their way or are always right in an argument. That being said, not backing down occasionally doesn't make you a bitch (IMO)

More fun: Manhood Academy says women shouldn't vote. Allowing women to vote is no different than allowing children to govern themselves. Feminism allows irresponsible changes to corrupt the governing structure

Just as men lack the capacity to bear children, women simply aren’t qualified to properly care for their own needs. Their design prohibits this, not an imagined glass ceiling or any other misogynistic ploy to exploit women as Feminism assumes.

OH. I guess we can add a #3 for what women ARE supposed to be doing (and add voting to the list of dont's!) - HAVING BABIES. Um..I just had a thought. Shocking I know - I am a WOMAN after all!! So... if I, a woman, am not qualified to take care of my own needs as a grown woman, how on earth would I then be qualified enough to be entrusted WITH AN INFANT and take care of his or her needs?? This perplexes my feeble lady brain.

Moving on..there are SPECIFIC personality characteristics that are inherent to women and men respectively. And any overlapping and reversing of these characteristics will cause the destruction of planet Earth.

Women: nurturing, supporting, comforting
Men: disciplining, planning, and leading

Through Feminism’s blind quest for “gender equality,” women have been deceived into hating their natural function and coveting male functions

Bah, Feminism!! You have made me hate all that is nurturing, supporting, and comforting!! Even though I nurtured, supported and comforted my husband all weekend after his surgery... it is all for naught! Because you, feminism, have made me hate men, and God, and puppies, and apple pie, and all that is good in this world!! (not kittens though. Feminists like cats, so kittens are ok)

There is a lot more, but I think that's enough sarcasm for one night. Even though there is so much more to go through. I have to say though, some of the illustrations on this "Principles 101" pdf are FUCKING HILARIOUS. I especially enjoyed the ones of pages 27: Trading Material Things for Ass = Good; Trading Material Things for Nothing = BAD and 65: Manginas and Bitches are bad.

I'm not gonna lie, that was fun. And if you read that whole, post, kudos to you! But can I be serious again? So, I honestly don't know how seriously people are taking this Manhood Academy site, but I do know that there are groups serious about Men's Rights and offering Male Studies, and while I don't necessarily agree with them, I'm open to intelligent debate on the subject. But when key members from who are advocating a Male Studies curriculum are actually soliciting advice from the people behind "Manhood Academy" I kind of lose hope for humanity. You can't read that shit that they write, and then truly believe that they or anyone who supports them should be responsible for creating academic programs that are supposed to make our society a better place to live in.

The world is changing, gender roles are changing. Some couples abide by traditional gender roles and that's ok. Some couples do in some circumstances but not all. Hell, I do the laundry, Greg mows the lawn. I was doing the laundry anyways before we moved into the house so "I'll do the laundry if you mow the lawn" seemed like a good deal to me! But also, I pay the bills and generally am the one who knows how much money we have at any given time (not a lot!) and Greg cooks a lot of the times. Because he is good at cooking and that's ok too. It's actually great, for me!

So, you're a guy and you're not sure how chivalry works in this "new and strange society." My personal take - chivalry is not necessary, manners are. That being said, I don't scowl if a guy opens a door for me. I don't scowl if he doesn't open it for me either. As long as you don't slam the door in my face, I am pretty much ok with however you feel like opening the door! And I will always say thank you! And if I don't, I apologize. Maybe I was in a hurry. For real though I always try to say thank you.

You're confused on what it means to "be a real man." You get mixed messages from society. You hear that a real man takes care of his family. But then you also hear that a real man doesn't give a shit on what his bitch has to say. You can't cry, or have feelings, and you especially can't talk about them. You were taught that men should pay for dates, but now women sometimes want to pay for dates. It is so confusing!!

You know what, get the fuck over it. Women get mixed messages every day and we are navigating change the same way that you are. But we're doing it backwards and in high heels!! No, but for REAL - women are the ones juggling the family and career, trying to always maintain the perfect balance between sexy and slutty, between confident and "bitchy", between professional but also feminine (funny how I never see any ads for men's business clothes: Professional, but also masculine. No, because it is already implied in the "professional." )

Seriously, get over it. Men are not being "emasculated" just because gender roles are now more fluid. I don't even know what people mean when they say "act like a man!" Really, which man? There are many of them to choose from. And they do not all act the same! Some of them are jerks, and some are really awesome. Same goes for women. Or, "oh, she is acting like a man." Because why? Because she is making money, or making decisions, or being aggressive/competitive? It's so silly to me. "He's such a woman." Again, why? It's almost always something negative (because despite the impact of feminism, femaleness is still associated with negativity) Whether it's being emotional, or caring or whatever.

Well I guess that's enough gender theory for now. It's past my bedtime!! I sincerely hope you enjoyed this discussion on how Bitches Ain't Shit. Just Kidding! We all know bitches are awesome. ;)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Conversing with Men about Feminism

This is pretty much how my conversations about feminism with Greg go! Haha, j/k he was the one who actually sent me the pic. I laughed.

And I'm glad my husband can have a sense of humor about the fact that his wife is a radical feminazi :)