Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Conversing with Men about Feminism

This is pretty much how my conversations about feminism with Greg go! Haha, j/k he was the one who actually sent me the pic. I laughed.

And I'm glad my husband can have a sense of humor about the fact that his wife is a radical feminazi :)


  1. HA! Best comic ever! I love the girl's expression in the last frame, so true to life. :)

  2. You'll notice these stupid women are too dumb to bother investigating these views in depth. All these silly arguments have been addressed. This idiot just further proves the point they're trying to make. See all the retards like her making the same silly mistakes: http://manhood101.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=37

    And as always, these cowards are too scared to debate men :)

    Remind me again why we should let idiots like this vote? LULZ :)

  3. Thanks, "Janna." I think you meant to comment on the post above this, but of course you probably already know that because you are SO SMART and all.

    As your link above did not direct me to a specific spot on your forum, I was not exactly sure where are all my "silly arguments" were addressed. There were many topics to choose from! I chose to go with the first one - Feminists speak their "mind." Your astute use of quotations marks has indicated to me that you do not think feminists do in fact have minds! In this section, you take short random quotes from women who you describe in the following way: "Stupid cunts are too fucking dumb to even grasp their own hypocrisy." Will that be a class when Male Studies gets off the ground? SIGN ME UP! Cheers!