Saturday, July 31, 2010


I just ran some numbers on our checking account to see how much we were paying in food per month. I was hoping our July total number would be less than June since we've been into cooking at home more the last month. Much to my surprise it was only about $45.00 less.

It's interesting because we spent $88.00 LESS on fast food/eating at restaurants. However, our grocery bill seems to have INCREASED by by $43.00. It's hard to get an exact number though because I'm just going by whatever posted between 6/1-6/30 and 7/1-7/31. So I could've purchased groceries on May 27th but the transaction posted on June 1.

Also, a lot of times when I go to HEB (it's like the Jewel of Texas)I will purchase things not in the food category like household items. Toilet paper, paper towels, cat food, deodorant, etc. It's hard to figure out how much to deduct for that stuff because I don't have receipts.

Our June eating out bill (eating out including all meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus drinks like Starbucks or Jamba Juice. We don't go that much but $7.00 a pop for both me and Greg adds up) was $278.28 and July was $189.88.

Groceries for June - $487.66. Groceries for July - $531.02. Again I think it's actually less because of how the transactions post plus the random household items we buy at the grocery store.

Maybe I'm defending these numbers because they seem high. They are definitely higher than I thought. You would think two people could eat for less than $700.00 a month! Hopefully actual numbers are more like around $600.00 but clearly there is room for improvement. I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one who is spending more on food than I think I am though.

Hopefully the cooking at home more will continue. I'm finding that as we're starting to repeat recipes it's getting cheaper because now we have the random spices/ingredients required. We've been buying a lot of spices lately for our recipes we've found online, and have built up a nice little collection. But we are open to new recipes for sure! Any good recipes on the easy to medium difficulty level? Leave em' in the comments! And happy eating! :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Greg is Not All Right

UPDATE: Greg made me buy a posterboard so that he could graphically illustrate in his words "the historical shittiness of your movie choices."

I think this graph is a little unfair, if not amusing. I tend to like indie movies that aren't necessarily happy movies (Greg calls them depressing, which sometimes they are). I normally like the movies Greg picks except for the "titties and explosions" type movies. i.e. Angelina Jolie movies where she shoots guns for most of the movie with interludes of her naked. I guess there is a history of Greg not liking my movie choices but I don't think they're that bad!!

So tonight was movie night and I realized that the last 4 movies we've seen have been Greg's choice. The original plan for tonight was to see Dinner for Schmucks, but upon further reflection I realized that looks kinda dumb and I didn't really want to see that.

And actually, I really have been wanting to see The Kids Are All Right. It's an indie movie, about two lesbians and their teenage children who seek out their sperm donor dad and form a relationship with him. As you can imagine, this took some convincing on my part to get Greg to agree to this. I may have guilted him into it. Here is our conversation upon entering the theater.

Greg: I predict either empty or all old people and lesbians.

:::we walk in it's about 20% full and mostly old people:::

Greg: Told You!
Kim: There's some young people.
Greg: Where?
Kim: Those two blond girls
Kim: shhh.... you don't know!

:::5 minutes later::::

Kim: who are you texting
Greg: no one
Kim: let me see... "I'm about to see the shittiest movie ever. Don't get married." Real nice, Greg.
Greg: I should be playing Starcraft.

Verdict: I liked it but it wasn't the best movie ever. It was no Little Miss Sunshine. There was some unexpected nudity both male and female which added to Greg's torture. Greg hated it, of course. But, he's a trooper :)

Friday, July 23, 2010


In an effort to pay down debt, I have deleted a folder in my favorites called "Renaissance Dresses" in which I have bookmarked custom dresses for the Renaissance Festival that run about $200.00.

I don't need a $200.00 costume to have fun at Ren Fest. I just need beer. :)

Also, I should probably not plan trips for Austin or New York... even though I really want to go to Austin to watch roller derby and Greg and I are dying to go to New York. And Vegas...

And, I should not be jealous of other people's phones...

Ugh, I know we're not poor but sometimes it feels like it!! :( Anyways, trying to do the debt snowball that Dave Ramsey advocates. Live like no one else so later you can live like no one else?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sarah Palin Makes Bill O'Reilly look Sane

h/t Jezebel

Damn you, Bill O'Reilly for making me like you by making Sarah Palin look insane! Not that she needs much help.

"I'm getting very, very afraid of Mama Grizzlies."


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in a real life Dilbert cartoon...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

30 minute procedure - 8 claims

For anyone who's pissed about the new health insurance laws, I'd like to talk briefly about my experience filing a claim(s) for what basically amounted to a 30 minute surgical procedure (for Greg).

For this one procedure, including the doctor's office visits beforehand, blood work, etc. there are currently 8 claims on my insurance file. EIGHT. This was a relatively minor procedure, not to minimize any stress that either of us felt going in (especially Greg) but if you have to have surgery this is the kind you want to have - outpatient; checked in at 7, checked out by 11.

So I'm wondering how much time and money was spent simply on the administration of these claims. There was the first doctor's office visit copay, then he got referred to the surgeon, so there was that copay. There was a claim for them to do the blood work pre-surgery, a claim to analyze the blood work, a claim for the actual surgeon's fee, the anesthesiology, the pathology claim for them to look at the lipoma (what Greg had removed, a benign tumor but he needed it removed because it was pressing up against nerves and causing him pain), and then the claim for the surgery center which apparently pays for nurses, equipment and facilities (this was the most expensive claim).

It's like you need a freakin PhD to figure this stuff out. And as frustrated as I am that we have a $3,000.00 deductible (that's what happens when you work for a company that has 18 people) I just calculated that if we didn't have health insurance this 30 minute procedure would've cost us over $13,000.00 which would've literally wiped out our savings. I mean, heaven forbid one of us needed to be in the hospital for something serious or for more than 3 hours and we didn't have insurance, we'd not only lose savings but be put into bankruptcy immediately.

I don't know what's going to happen in 2014. Maybe there will be riots, maybe the whole Health Insurance Reform Act will get reversed if Obama doesn't get a second term, but I seriously hope that doesn't happen. I don't think that protecting people from bankruptcy over something that's for the most part beyond their control (their health) is such a bad thing.