Friday, July 30, 2010

Greg is Not All Right

UPDATE: Greg made me buy a posterboard so that he could graphically illustrate in his words "the historical shittiness of your movie choices."

I think this graph is a little unfair, if not amusing. I tend to like indie movies that aren't necessarily happy movies (Greg calls them depressing, which sometimes they are). I normally like the movies Greg picks except for the "titties and explosions" type movies. i.e. Angelina Jolie movies where she shoots guns for most of the movie with interludes of her naked. I guess there is a history of Greg not liking my movie choices but I don't think they're that bad!!

So tonight was movie night and I realized that the last 4 movies we've seen have been Greg's choice. The original plan for tonight was to see Dinner for Schmucks, but upon further reflection I realized that looks kinda dumb and I didn't really want to see that.

And actually, I really have been wanting to see The Kids Are All Right. It's an indie movie, about two lesbians and their teenage children who seek out their sperm donor dad and form a relationship with him. As you can imagine, this took some convincing on my part to get Greg to agree to this. I may have guilted him into it. Here is our conversation upon entering the theater.

Greg: I predict either empty or all old people and lesbians.

:::we walk in it's about 20% full and mostly old people:::

Greg: Told You!
Kim: There's some young people.
Greg: Where?
Kim: Those two blond girls
Kim: shhh.... you don't know!

:::5 minutes later::::

Kim: who are you texting
Greg: no one
Kim: let me see... "I'm about to see the shittiest movie ever. Don't get married." Real nice, Greg.
Greg: I should be playing Starcraft.

Verdict: I liked it but it wasn't the best movie ever. It was no Little Miss Sunshine. There was some unexpected nudity both male and female which added to Greg's torture. Greg hated it, of course. But, he's a trooper :)

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