Friday, July 23, 2010


In an effort to pay down debt, I have deleted a folder in my favorites called "Renaissance Dresses" in which I have bookmarked custom dresses for the Renaissance Festival that run about $200.00.

I don't need a $200.00 costume to have fun at Ren Fest. I just need beer. :)

Also, I should probably not plan trips for Austin or New York... even though I really want to go to Austin to watch roller derby and Greg and I are dying to go to New York. And Vegas...

And, I should not be jealous of other people's phones...

Ugh, I know we're not poor but sometimes it feels like it!! :( Anyways, trying to do the debt snowball that Dave Ramsey advocates. Live like no one else so later you can live like no one else?


  1. YES! We're working on our debt snowball, sort of. With Vic coming home and our income changing, we had to put it on hold a bit to make sure that we'd have money to pay the bills, and it turned out we were able to pay our bills and go out to eat plenty... So we fell off the wagon a little bit, haha. But we're getting excited about paying off a credit card very soon and starting the snowball up again. Our current struggle is deciding on a honeymoon in the near future, waiting till our anniversary to take a trip, or maybe even not taking one at all so we can pay off more debt. The opportunity cost kills me. The money for one trip could pay off 25% of a student loan... And that would be so nice. But it would also be so nice to finally have a honeymoon! Anyway, kudos to you for feeling the struggle and making decisions to move forward and get out of debt! We have not been as strong with it as we need to be in the past few months, but I'm hoping we get back on track and start making progress again. :) Good luck to you guys!

  2. Thanks, Jess. I think you guys should take a honeymoon and you definitely deserve it after the last year. I would highly recommend a cruise. Literally, all the planning is done for you and they are pretty cheap. Unfortunately you guys would have to fly somewhere that has a port... but maybe it could still be worth it?