Wednesday, December 14, 2011

World Is Ending...

I received a wedding invitation on Facebook. That's it; the world is ending.

It's even funnier because when I went to their wedding website, under guest information it said it was going to be a "formal affair."

Back in MY day, people MAILED their invitations. Now get off my lawn!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Don't Be a Dumbass...Problem Solved!

Second to last letter. This kids, is why you don't make major life decisions based on what OTHER PEOPLE think is going to be best for you.

It's one of my secret dreams to become an advice columnist and end every answer with "don't be a dumbass."

MIL in the article is no doubt a manipulative "B" but letter writer is extremely dumb to intentionally make that kind of a decision(s) based off a "promise." If you're not confident enough in yourself to stand your ground in something as important as bringing a child into the world, what kind of example does that set for a child?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dennis "Equality Sucks" Prager

I generally try to give people the benefit of the doubt and sometimes believe that even though their words and actions are indicating they're an asshole, maybe they're not Really an asshole. Not so with Dennis Prager. I've read enough of his work over the last couple years to understand that he truly believes that equality is bad for women. And NOW he's not even trying to bother with mincing words.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon was, in one word, Amazing.

I'm so glad that my sister and I decided to do this together, and also for the support from Greg and my parents who came to watch. This was the culmination of almost a year's worth of training (and 3 pairs of running shoes!) starting in November of last year when I decided to run a half marathon (13.1 miles) and continuing on after that to train for the full (26.2 miles).

I feel like I could have trained more, but I did a good job of being consistent. I'm lucky that I dont have to stand all day or do manual labor at my job, but it's still not easy to commute an hour, work nine hours, commute an hour back...and then go to the gym. It's really easy to say "screw it, I've had a long day and I'm really tired." It's not easy to get up at 6:30am every Sunday and run 10+ miles by yourself each time. But I did it, and I'm really proud of myself. I may have walked a bit on my training runs and during the race, but I essentially ran 26.2 miles!

We got to Chicago very early...about 6:00am Sunday. My awesome mom ordered us a limo to take us there. It was more like a van...but still, we arrived in style. I had food and gatorade in my system. I was not going to repeat my mistake of not eating before the half marathon. Goal number one was to finish. Goal number two was to not throw up. I used the restroom, twice. I was ready.

The start area was huge. I found my assigned start corral, which I had qualified for with my half marathon time. But I noticed the pace groups there were 8 minutes per mile. I was not feeling like that was going to happen for me, so I moved back to the beginning of the open start area by the 9 minutes per mile pacers. We basically walked up to the start. It took about 10 minutes to cross the tracking mat.

The first 3 miles was probably one of my favorite parts of the race. People were fighting for spots in the street. The crowd was insane. I am truly in awe of the amazing people of Chicago who came to watch and cheer. There was not a single area of the course that didn't have people cheering. People came out of their houses with hoses for runners to run under.

The first half I went out fast, about 9:00 minute per mile pace (estimated 4 hour finishing time). I kept seeing people with 4:00 on their backs. At the expo you could sign up for a pace group and put a goal time on your back. I didn't do that because I had no idea how I would do. I didn't want to put 4:00 on my back and finish in 5:00. Plus, if you were an hour behind (like the guy with 3:10 by the 4:00 group) everyone would know.

Wise move because....I had to slow down. And by slow down, I mean walk. Several times. I made it to mile 15 without really walking (only slowed down for water/Gatorade). After that, I had to stop and walk about 6 or 7 times. Not for too long, maybe up to a minute each time. I am not surprised that I had to walk because that's what I did on my training runs. I would stop for water, stretch, walk a minute, etc. And, the longest training run I did was 20 miles. I did one 20 miler 3 weeks before the race.

The people on the course were super helpful. They had plenty of aid stations. When I got to about 24.5 there was a guy on a PA yelling something like "YOU CAN DO THIS. YOU ARE GOING TO FINISH THE CHICAGO MARATHON. YOU ARE GOING TO BE PART OF HISTORY!" And that gave me the motivation I needed to run the last part of the race and finish strong. Greg and my parents saw me finish, but I didn't see them. I was just looking straight ahead at the finish. In fact, I didn't really take in the crowd as much at the end as I did in the beginning due to being so focused on just crossing the line...

Kept moving through the finish area. They don't really let you sit down. You get a medal and protective blanket. You can get bananas, Gatorade, or whatever you want (beer was available, didn't take it). My only thought was Must Sit Down because it started to hit me that I just ran 26.2 miles. THEN I saw people directing runners to the family reunion area which was only 3 blocks away. I thought I could make it...I was wrong. I walked about a block more, and then just sat down on concrete. Got up...walked a little more....sat down again. Finally stumbled over there, and luckily my mom spotted me right away.

The next 30 minutes to an hour was a daze. I went to lie down on a grassy area...walked over to medical to get ice bags...sat down some more. Walking was somewhat difficult. Unfortunately I didn't have the energy to walk the half mile back to the bleachers to see my sister finish. I didn't feel like eating, but Greg practically forced me to and that was the right call. I instantly felt better (less nauseous). I found out my final finishing time was 4 hours, 14 minutes, and 28 seconds! Average mile pace was 9:43.

Then Colleen finished! She seemed to be recovering better than I was, wasn't having issues walking or anything. The bad news was we had to walk back to the train station to get home! It was 10 blocks! I made a deal with my dad that I would walk halfway, we would look for a restaurant to get lunch, then walk the rest of the way back. So that's what we did, and everyone made it. Leg muscles are still a little sore. I can't say for sure if I'll ever do a marathon again, but I know this. After running Chicago, I can't imagine ever running a little rinky dink marathon. I don't think anything would compare! Chicago is simply the best.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reading Comments on Internet Bad For Your Health

Reading comments on the internet makes me lose faith in humanity.

Headline: Five Year Old Dies After Mom Can't Afford Multiple Prescriptions
Comments: Well if she couldn't afford it tough shit. FREE MARKET!!!!

Note: I'm not anti business. I don't think corporations are evil. Even pharmaceutical companies who probably do some serious price gouging. I get that R & D costs money. I just think a little bit more compassion and common sense would go a long way.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Its Hot Out, Yo!

First weekend without cable. It's been...ok. Oh it took me two hours to cancel it. Seriously. I called during my lunch break at work on Thursday (can't cancel online) and the prompt said "hold time may be in excess of 10 minutes." So I thought whatever I'll just do other stuff till someone picks up (I have a headset at work). Well after an other line rang so I had to hang up.

At&t customer service is only open till 6pm so I had to call while driving home from work. I just set the phone down and put it on speaker until someone picked up...45 minutes later. Good news is I got a free upgrade on my internet. Talk about red tape though.

Anyway this weekend I watched several episodes of Parks and Recreation which is an awesome show. I find that I tend to favor shows that prominently feature a talented supporting cast rather than a show that only focuses on one or two main characters. That being said Greg and I have also recently watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development and I'm just not into it so far. I know all the cool kids loved that show and its now considered a cult classic...but yeah, just not feeling it.

We informed both sets of parents today about our decision to cut out cable and both sets of parents asked how we were going to get news. Apparently they haven't caught on to this "internet" thing yet :) Plus Roku (the box we got that streams Netflix and some other free and subscription based services) has a news channel where you can watch all the cable shows...some are a day behind though.

Ran 14 miles today.10 minute pace so not super fast...but damn I was tired. It was hot out too...even though I started at 6:45am.

I saw my neighbor on a 4 wheeler today. On the street. We do not have dirt roads or lots of land in our neighborhood.

I really want summer to be over with. It's freaking hot out plus I don't have much to look forward to until the fall. Marathon, seeing the fam, birthdays, Ren Fest, Christmas...yeah, summer can move along.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Magic Bullet

I was flipping channels on my not yet cancelled cable...and came across an informercial on Home Shopping Network for "Magic Bullet."

First of all, "Magic Bullet" was definitely NOT what I thought it was (although it kind of looks like it) it is ACTUALLY some sort of fancy blender. And the women on here (including Jenny McCarthy) are super annoying. These women are acting like they freaking invented strawberry banana smoothies.

Also, and I don't want to be a hypocrite here since I'm not super adept with cooking gadgets...but there are three grown women on tv telling America that one of the reasons this particular gadget is so great is because its "not complicated." AND (this is an exact quote) "There's no buttons!!"

I find it amusing how our society simultaneously thinks women should get back in the kitchen to put their God given abilities to use AND ALSO thinks we are staring at our blenders going "THE BUTTONS!! THEY'RE SO CONFUSING!! If only someone would design something phallic shaped that didn't have any life would be so much easier!"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Should I Cancel Cable?

I'm thinking about canceling my cable, but this is something I've had my entire life and I'm not sure how hard the adjustment would be. My cable viewing is probably 70% reality tv (mostly TLC and HGTV) 20% old sitcoms and 10% news (mostly Rachel Maddow because I <3 her).

I can probably get old sitcoms on Netflix if I'm really in the mood for it, I get the news online like most people under 40 (I could probably find highlights online from Rachel's show).....and I'm just starting to feel like its not worth $60 a month to watch people on TLC eat toilet paper or buy 79 boxes of mac n cheese....or watch professional designers tell people "hey if you're trying to sell your house maybe you should paint your walls beige instead of bright purple or canary yellow...oh and you might want to take down your precious moments/troll doll collection while you're at it."

Of course I also have a husband to consider but he doesn't watch as much tv as I do. He is more into online gaming (which also costs $15 a month). He said he mostly watches Family Guy before bed which is probably also on Netflix.

Will I go crazy not being able to "channel surf?" Will I feel left out and uncool when all my coworkers are discussing the most recent episode of Modern Family & I'm a season behind? Will I feel taunted by my television knowing that it could be providing a front row seat to Hoarders? These are the important questions I must consider.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Actual Conversation Heard At Gym

Girl 1: Does it count as burning calories if you don't eat any calories?
Girl 2: Did you really not eat anything today?
Girl 1: I had a cracker and 2 almonds.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Traditional Marriage

I hate the phrase "traditional marriage." I think if you're going to use it, you need to clarify traditional as compared to what? 1950? 1920s? 1800s? Middle Ages? Biblical times?

Marriage is an institution that has evolved and will continue to evolve both culturally and legally. Marriage today looks different than it did 50 or 100 or a 1000 years ago. Not just in regards to societal expectations but also in regards to a woman's legal status and rights as a person.

Marriage in biblical times sometimes meant that a husband took multiple wives, or perhaps one wife but with many concubines (which was not hidden or frowned upon) or that teenage girls were married off to much older men. Also, most marriages were arranged and treated like a transaction, which involved a dowry. Heterosexual monogamy where one chooses his/her spouse is a relatively new normal standard if we're comparing it to as far back as we have records regarding marriage.

Good sources for more information on this include The History of the Wife, anything by Stephanie Coontz (author/history & family studies professor), or the Bible. I'm sure there's many more as well that I'm not aware of.

I get really exasperated when people act like marriage has looked one specific way since the history of time because that is clearly not the case.

Thoughts on College

I've read a lot of articles recently about how higher education is the next "bubble" that's going to burst, arguing against formal education and arguing that many students have unrealistic expectations and end up drowning financially due to college loan debt.

This article provides a counter argument, and I tend to agree that in the long run, college is and will continue to be a good investment for a lot of (though not all) people - with a few caveats:

I think college and especially taking on student loans in this economy needs to be thought through carefully, and those who choose that path should proceed with caution. i.e don't go to a private school you can't afford when you can go to a state school, consider community college for 2 years, be wary of non-accredited for-profit schools, consider work programs on or off campus, and by all means do everything in your power to finish. As the article stated, 50% of people who enter 4 year programs don't finish, and sadly that does take a financial toll & the benefits of going (statistically speaking, not talking about Bill Gates here) drop dramatically if you don't finish.

I think it's unfair to expect 18 year olds to know what they want to do in 10 years, but it's important to at least think about early on. You can chase your dream, but it's important to have realistic expectations too. Maybe it's not a great idea to take on 100K debt to go to a prestigious art school for 4 years if there's not a great demand for jobs that require 4 year art degrees, and the jobs that are out there pay 20K a year.

I'm not such a pessimist that I would tell a kid "college is a waste of money; you'll end up being a barista with an 80K loan weighing you down till you retire" but I would advise to proceed with caution & especially so with anything that legitimately does require six figure loans (med school or law school). If you're going to law or med school you better be damn sure.

The number one piece of advice I would give though to anyone considering college is to finish. This isn't meant to make anyone feel bad who didn't finish because I get that life happens, but if you decide to go to college, you should go with the intention of finishing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Note to Self (and Internet)

Do not sign up for any webinars unless you want to receive a gazillion unsolicited phone calls and emails.

For businesses, the notion that deep discounting is the way to acquire loyal customers is equally dangerous. Competing on price doesn’t get you love; delivering high quality products and services, engaging with your customers and creating unique experiences does. The best customers buy experiences, not price.

Tech Crunch


I had the weirdest/funniest dream ever, and I need to write it down.

For some reason I was traveling to London by myself, but I was having issues with security in the US because my passport still had my maiden name on it (In real life I would have taken care of this if I knew I was going on a trip; it actually does still have my maiden name on it though).

So they take me into the back room and to prove I was American, they had me recite a Bible verse. Any Bible verse. I chose John 3:16, probably the only one I could recite from memory. Any ways, knowing John 3:16 was sufficient enough for them to know that I was truly an American...but then here's the funnier part.

This is a dream of course...but in order for other agents to realize that I was an American, they made me rub my hands in a mixture of mayonnaise and ham & cheese crumbs so that I would "smell American." I just about died laughing when I woke up.

Also part of the dream but not as funny was that I ended up packing Greg's clothes by accident instead of mine (again, would never happen in real life).

I wonder what it all means?!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Katie Couric - NOT Like Oprah

Katie Couric thinks her new daytime talk show will be "like Oprah" HAHAHA! Oh Katie, no one will be "like Oprah." NO ONE.

Poor Katie. Everyone had such high expectations for you, being the first solo lady news anchor on a major network and all. And then your ratings sucked, and everyone gave you a hard time. No one pointed out that all the other ratings on major networks also sucked. But that is besides the point. The point is that it is not your fault that no one watches the news on major TV networks unless they are older than age 55.

I do not blame you, Katie! I still think you are a respectable, smart and personable lady. But you will probably not be successful in your daytime talk show endeavor. Most people aren't. Except for obviously Oprah and maybe Ellen. I don't think you can be like Ellen either. Although you do have blond hair and are personable, I doubt you are as funny or as cool as Ellen.

Plus your comeback story wouldn't be as awesome, and man do we love our comeback stories! Sure, you're not on the news anymore, but you were successful for awhile and people generally like you.

You did not get shunned for being the first gay woman to come out on television and have everyone in Hollywood hate you AND THEN have everyone in Hollywood love you because being gay is cool and awesome now. Thank to Ellen. Seriously, thanks to Ellen. Cast of Glee, Eric Stonestreet, Oscar from the Office - send Ellen some cookies.

Anyway, back to Katie. Not Like Ellen. Unless maybe you have awesome dance moves like Ellen, maybe then you will stand a chance. But I doubt it...

I don't know what you should do, Katie! You're pretty famous and all so it's not like you can get a job folding pants at The Gap.

Maybe you can have a speaking career, and just go around giving advice to young women. I hear you have given some pretty good speeches, including one at Princeton in 2009 in which you said something that I think is very wise.

I'm sure you are all graduating with big career goals. You may also have a dream of being married and having a family, and at some point the career may take a backseat. There is no more challenging, rewarding or important job than being a mom. I just want to say this--sometimes dreams of domestic bliss are interrupted by reality. People get divorced. People die. You need to protect yourself. I was very happily married to a wonderful man. He was diagnosed with colon cancer and nine months later, he was gone. I was a single mom with two very young children. This was not part of the plan. Luckily, I had a career and therefore the financial independence to support my children. Many women in my situation are not nearly as fortunate. And while I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, I want you all to be prepared for the unexpected and approach some of the big life decisions you'll be making with your eyes wide open.

You are so wise, Katie! But you are not being wise about this daytime talk show thing. Sorry.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


This weekend I'm riding solo as my hubby is out of town at one of his internet friend's wedding. (I know, it sounds weird. But if you know Greg - it's not).

It was a perfect day to go for a run, and since it's the weekend I decided to do a long run. Instead of running in my neighborhood I drove down to HEB so I could park and run the bike path.

I noticed there was quite a crowd; people were everywhere. Then I remembered the Woodlands Ironman Triathlon was today. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to run the path, but it was open. They closed part of the actual street for the race.

So I did my 6-7 mile run (not that long considering I'm doing a marathon this year, but I'm working on it!) and when I came back I saw that the first few athletes were coming in to the bike dismount so even though I was pretty tired, I decided to watch for a few minutes.

There was a big crowd, probably at least a few hundred people by where I was. So I find a spot to watch, and I notice this lady in front of me is selling bottled water with homemade labels on it. I heard a couple people ask what she was selling it for, and she explained that it was her son's ministry called More Than Sports. It was a Christian organization, and they were supporting sex trafficking ministries. She didn't mention a specific sex trafficking ministry (International Justice Mission is the only one I know off the top of my head).

I watched her sell a couple. And I thought it was weird that her son wasn't with her since it was for his organization, but maybe he was working a different part of the crowd. I don't know. Anyways, she looked back at me a couple times. I had just gotten back from a run, and a bottle of water would have been nice. I had one in my car, but like I said I wanted to watch the race for a few minutes.

I think she was going to ask me if I wanted to buy one, but then she realized I probably didn't have money on me because I was just in a tank top and running shorts (I didn't). Then I think maybe she thought about just giving me one, but then decided not to because if other people saw me getting one for free, they would want one for free too.

I couldn't help thinking that she's doing all these great things for the Christian ministries she's involved in (or her son is) but she's not meeting a need that was literally right in front of her (or behind her).

I don't want to give the wrong impression. I wasn't dying. I had caught my breath by the time I got to the race checkpoint, and I wasn't on the ground or anything. But I was pretty much dripping sweat at that point (it's about 90 degrees, and I had just run almost 7 miles). And, my face was beet red. I know this because I looked at it in the mirror when I got back to my car.

If she had offered me one (for free) I don't know if I would've taken it. I probably would've said "no that's ok, I don't have any cash." Maybe if she had insisted I would have taken one.

Maybe it's dumb, but I think if it were me and I had extra waters whether I was selling them or had a cooler of them for me and friends, or whatever - if I saw someone just standing around who clearly looked like they needed a water, I think I would have offered.

I don't want to dismiss the importance of supporting formal ministries. Many of them do great things, and they need money to do it. I'm not out there fundraising for any of these ministries, and this woman was. But I also think it's important to not ignore the needs right in front of us either. The smallest thing can make someone's day, and that can be ministry right there.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Greg and I have agreed to visit his sister's church that their family recently started attending. I've been reading up on it this morning, and I have decided that I don't want to be a part of any church that doesn't have women involved in leadership.

That doesn't mean a woman has to be head pastor or even on the pastoral team, but if you have several elders and women aren't included, then to me that means that you have a core group of leaders and decision makers that are exclusively men.

I've seen so many churches with structures like this. They almost always have a Women's Ministry leader who is supposed to represent all women in the church or something, and maybe they'll have a Children's Pastor (if the church is REALLY conservative they'll call her a "Children's Director" because of course they can't actually have the word "Pastor" or "Minister" after a woman's name on their program.)

This particular church I'm researching has two of seven women on staff, not bad right? But the titles are 1. Students/Girls and 2. Financial Administrator.

A couple things jump out at me here. I thought maybe the first title was actually code for "youth pastor" with a girls group thrown in, but they have a guy whose title is "Worship/Young Adults" so I assume he is the equivalent of a youth pastor and the "Students/Girls" person is in charge of the Children's Ministry and probably also leads a group for preteen girls or something like that.

There is no mention of a Women's Ministry in anyone's title, and I do hope that a church wouldn't refer to women as "girls" at least on their website (I don't think always inappropriate, but it depends on context; i.e. "Hey Greg, I'm going out with the girls" is different than "We need something for the girls to do in the church.")

The second thing is that I think it's funny that the Financial Administrator's bio is last considering that's probably the most important person in the church after the lead pastor. If a church is squandering money or not making money, or spending too much money, or hoarding too much money... that church is going to fail. Like it or not, churches need money to operate. That doesn't mean I think all churches want is money (in fact I believe most churches have good intentions about money) but any church who denies that money is important to grow their ministries is in denial.

I'm not saying I think modern churches today are sexist chauvinist pigs. But I think it's more subtle than that. I can't help but wonder why churches will let women count their money, minister to their kids, and have all kinds of women's ministries and retreats where ladies can speak to other ladies, but when it comes time to lead the church as a whole and discuss mission and direction, they don't have women on board making those types of decision. (And I don't mean the "But I'm sure they all ask for their wives' opinions" BS).

I mean that I want to see a church where a woman is on the regular speaking rotation. I want to see a church where women are amongst the elders. I know there are churches out there that have that, so maybe I just need to do a better job of seeking them out.

I'm still going to go visit. I might even like it. But I seriously doubt I will give any of my money or become a regular attender unless I see that their leadership actually does include women in a real way.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sometimes it amazes me that I work at an IT company.

Every time I think I'm going to get fired, someone will ask me to do something that they could easily figure out themselves through a quick Google search, and I realize that maybe I do have some job security after all.

Because if I'm gone...who else would explain to our technical support team how to dial an international number or use the fax machine?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Money can not solve every problem. But it can solve an awful lot of them.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stripping For Jesus

Old Town Spring has a health club that is offering a fitness class called "Pole Fitness For Jesus" in which women exercise by dancing on poles to upbeat contemporary Christian music.

I heard about this on the radio last week and didn't really think much of it, but one of my Facebook friends commented on it, so I kind of got curious as to what the story was as far as why the fitness class needed to reference Jesus.

I did some Googling and found some interviews with the founder, and now I'm just angry. Not because I think it's wrong to "pole dance" during a workout but because of the way that it is presented. It's like this woman thinks she's better than actual pole dancers or better than women who like to take pole dance fitness classes, but aren't doing it for Jesus.

The founder said her goal is to teach fellow female churchgoers how to get fit, work their legs and core and to make a connection with God. Hmm... one of these things is not like the other!

"We do the upbeat contemporary Christian music because people have to bring their church program to get into the class, so we basically are just continuing the whole worship thing here," she said.

Again, there's nothing inherently wrong with pole dancing for fitness. But to say you're doing it to "worship God" just strikes me the wrong way. On top of that, she's only letting "churchgoers" into the class (must bring a church program!!) because heathens aren't allowed to don those clear plastic stripper heels and suggestively swing their hips around the pole... at least not while listening to music About Jesus.

If people didn't take Christian music seriously before.. no one is going to now!! At least not if this "Strip for Jesus" thing spreads (no pun intended!!)

The more I think about it, this whole thing is just stupid! Forget "wrong" or "unholy" or "sacrilegious" - It's just plain stupid. There's a million different kinds of exercise that incorporate dancing, even Sexy Dancing. Why, do you need to "pole dance?" And, in stripper heels no less. The Fox video linked above actually quoted a woman saying those giant gaudy heels are "good for legs and glutes." Yep, it's good to work out in stripper heels! Actually, it's NOT

Don't get me wrong... I'm 5'1" so I love me some heels. Generally though, orthopedists will say because of the lack of cushion, it's not good to wear high heels for an extended period of time just doing normal activities like walking, and that you shouldn't wear them while dancing. One would assume this would also apply to dancing on a pole. I seriously can't believe they quoted that woman and made no attempt to correct it, or clarify or even say "well actually, some people don't think that's true." But what do I know... maybe I should show up to the Dallas Half Marathon this weekend in stripper heels. RUNNING FOR JESUS!!

I don't know... if that's what makes you get the energy to work out and feel good about yourself, fine. Just don't pretend like you're better than other people because the word "Jesus" is in it. And dammit, be careful in those heels!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Blog

Hey, look I have a new blog!! For my "S#I% Greg Says"

Quotes from my conversations with Greg will now be posted there and anything else I have to say to the Internet 3 people who read my blog will be posted here!!

<3 Kim

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Wish That This Was Not For Real.

In Cleveland, TX - a small town about 30 miles outside Houston, 18 boys and men ranging from middle school age to age 27 were charged with participating in the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl.

Take a moment to read that sentence out loud to yourself. And then take a moment to read this

We have gone from blaming women for "getting" raped because of the way they dressed, talked, acted, walked, etc. to blaming young women, to blaming LITTLE GIRLS.

The attorney for the men (EIGHTEEN OF THEM) is asking why the girl didn't report the rape to the police.

Residents of Cleveland are being quoted as saying the girl "dressed older" and lied about her age, and that the sex was consensual. Nevermind that an 11 year old can't legally consent. Even if this girl was 17 (age of consent in Texas) the facts of this case as outlined in the Houston Chronicle and other publications don't point towards consent, at all.

Others in Cleveland are blaming the victims mother for the attack, stating she should have kept a better eye on her child and know of her whereabouts.

Here's a "nice" quote - "Maturity or not I'm pretty sure she knew what she was doing," Robin Smith, 24, a cashier in Cleveland, said as she shopped this week.

I understand that this horrible crime is putting a national spotlight on Cleveland and obviously not in a good way, but when the concern seems to be directed at the student body of Cleveland High School, because some of their football players got arrested... and NOT towards the 11 YEAR OLD GIRL who was gang raped (they have the cell phone video of this, so there is no "allegedly" necessary) I literally want to throw up.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Kim: I'm going to Old Navy this weekend. Do you need anything?
Greg: I need some shorts.
Kim: Cargo shorts?
Greg: Well.... I like cargo shorts. But they're not really professional.
Kim: Yeah...ok....shorts, in general - not really 'professional.'*
Greg: Oh... ok. Then I need some pants.

I have been lucky enough to work for a company that basically has no dress code, but I still choose to not wear jeans at least half the time because I like dressing up. However, I would not show up in shorts. I thought most people knew that shorts are generally frowned upon in the workplace!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Love Her!

"...a lower quality of life is a byproduct of inadequate health care and inadequate family planning options" - Hillary Clinton via Houston Chronicle

Friday, February 18, 2011


Rep Jackie Speier is awesome. I'm glad that there are men and women in congress standing up for women, specifically low income women, who do desperately needs the kinds of services that planned parenthood offers.

I don't post about this kind of stuff in Facebook anymore but I am disgusted that congress is voting to defund family planning, cancer screening and STD testing under the guise of defunding abortion services when, in fact, there are Already laws in place prohibiting federal funds from being used for abortions (the only exceptions are for rape - which republicans tried to define as only as "forcible" rape; that language was quickly changed after the shit storm that ensued after women's rights activists brought it to peoples attention, and also for incest and also to protect the life of the mother (which is controversial if you happen to need a life saving abortion at a catholic hospital)

I agree that we should be focusing on jobs not on ideology. And if you happen to be against abortions then perhaps you should work on making family planning more, not less accessible. For crying out loud didn't we just spend a whole fucking year listening to republicans go on and on about how government has no place in private medical decisions? Make no mistake, the people actively fighting to make abortion illegal (and this right is being chipped away at state by state, bill by bill) are ALSO against contraception. Seriously, check out some of the major "pro life" websites beyond the home page. The evidence is there and if roe v wade ever does get overturned, birth control will be next.

Now if you made it through my rant you shall be rewarded with a Kim\Greg quote

Greg: What are you blogging about?
Kim: birth control.
Greg: AGAIN?!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Very Poor (Failure)!

I just scored this quiz on how I would rate as a 1930s wife. Apparently I would rate a -9. 0-24 is "very bad (failure)" so -9 is pretty epic.

I also learned that "congress" is a 1930s euphemism for S-E-X.

Kim: I don't know what marital congress means. Wait, does it mean sex?
Greg: Yes, it means sex.
Kim: Yay, I get a point!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Shit Greg Says

(I'm basically just posting these to entertain Jessica :) )


Kim: What is that note on your hand?
Greg: It's my palm pilot
Kim :::blank stare:::
Greg: Because it's on my palm. It was supposed to be clever.

Kim: I need to make dinner and do laundry. I'm going to be like, a real wife tonight.
Greg: Awesome.

::: 2 min later:::

Kim: Uh...laundry
Kim: No, I don't have time for that shit! I mean, I wash my bras separate... everything else I pretty much just wash together.
Greg: No wonder my tshirts aren't as white as they used to be...

Note: We have been married, and I have been doing our laundry, for over 4 years.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Shit Greg Says - The Gym Edition

Greg: It is almost 7:45pm!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
Kim: I was at the gym... didn't you get my text? I left work a little late, there was some traffic, then I ran 4 miles on the treadmill, and then I came home.
Kim: I am not going to get abducted.
Kim: I AM NOT....ok, I am all of those things. But I'm still not going to get abducted. I have common sense, the parking lot has lights, and they have security guards in golf carts to make sure little girls like me don't get abducted.
Greg: From now on you need to call me as soon as you leave the gym, stay on the phone with me while you're walking to your car and when you start moving then you can hang up.
Kim: I think you're being a little ridiculous.
Greg: What are you going to do if you get abducted?! You will be tied up in a van unable to communicate with me!
Kim: Can't you come save me Liam Neeson style?
Greg: I won't be able to! You'll end up getting killed and your last thought will be why didn't Greg come save me? I can't live with that.
Kim: Soooo.... what you're saying're NOT as awesome as Liam Neeson?
Greg: I am not as awesome as Liam Neeson.
Kim: ok. I will call you when I leave the gym.

Greg: You can't have a brownie!
Kim: Why not? You're having a brownie...
Greg: I'm a fatty. Fatties are allowed to have brownies. People who are training for marathons are not allowed to have brownies.
Kim: I'm failing to see the logic here.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shit Greg Says

Kim: Do you think you're going to want to have a 30th birthday party?
Greg: Yes. Remember - dancers in their underwear, Huey Lewis and The News.
Kim: Huey Lewis and The News?
Greg: He's kind of a burnout so... it could happen.

Greg: I hate how you open the blinds.
Kim: Why?
Greg: Because I'm in my underwear!
Kim: It's 12:30 in the afternoon; it's past underwear time.
Greg: There is no such thing as past underwear time.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Kim: You can't put "I'm excited about the next phase of my life including my wife and eventual expansion of my family" on your cover letter.*
Greg: Why? It's a plus for men. People think men with kids work harder.
Kim: If I put "I'm looking forward to expanding my family" on a cover letter it would be torn to shreds!
Greg: Too bad you don't have a penis.

*Note: I am NOT pregnant.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

To Be Fair...

I often post about how Greg makes fun of me. But to be honest, I make fun of him too. That's just how we roll.

Greg: It's one of my dreams to learn how to surf.
Kim: You don't see very many fat surfers.
Greg: It could happen!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sports Bras

Kim: :::Looking at sports bras online:::
Greg: I think we're being a little optimistic there.
Kim: It comes in small, ass!
Greg: Does it come in extra small?


That reminds me, someone on the radio this morning was talking about how the average bra size in American has supposedly gone up to 36DD. I was largely (no pun intended) skeptical about this claim. The research is coming from a lingerie company who is making the first "L" size bra. I think maybe their research is based on sales in their particular store.

I can't really find much scientific research on average bra size... just this particular article and also Wikipiedia says in the last 15 years the average bust size among North America women has increased from 34B to 36C, but then there's a few other sites and forums claiming the average is 34B.

Maybe I'm just being a stick in the mud & don't want to admit I'm on the wrong side of the bell curve... but I have to believe that 34B is actually closer to average because every time I go to Kohls, Target, Gap Body, etc... to buy a bra, I swear to you, they are always out of 34B in the one I want to buy.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Dallas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon - this WILL happen one way or another because I already paid the $80.00 registration fee + another $100 for a hotel. Joined Fitness Connection to get some treadmill runs in after work on weekdays and then I want to increase my distance runs on the weekends. Right now I can do 6-7 miles for a long run. I put 1:55 (about 9 min/ mile) as my estimated finishing time, but I actually hope I do better than that.

Gym - Since I joined I am now resolved to actually go and also do some cross training (weights). I actually just bought some free weights (3-10 lbs) to have at home too, so I really have no excuse

Chicago Marathon?! - this is dependent on a lot of things, number one being how I do in the Half. Also, registration being available (I think they're on a lottery system now) + of course the travel expenses.

Kentucky - Haven't been to my grandparents house since before Greg and I got married. And since my grandpa wasn't at the wedding (he's sick, long story) I have been feeling a little guilty lately about not making an effort to go see them. My grandpa's 80th birthday is in October so we are thinking of going out there for that. October also corresponds to when the Chicago marathon would be, so I'm guessing I might have to pick one or the other. I could also skip the Chicago Marathon and shoot for the Houston one next January, but I always told myself if I ever did a marathon, it would Chicago.

Vacation - Greg and I always spend our vacation time and funds visiting family. This is just a fact of life when you move across the country from your family. I told Greg when we got married that even if we were dirt poor, we would always find a way to see my family at least once a year, no exceptions. That being said, we haven't really been on a "real" vacation just the two of us since our honeymoon. We've done a couple semi local weekend stays in Austin & San Antonio (about a 3 hour drive from us) but I would really like to go somewhere not in Texas or Illinois, just us, maybe this spring or summer. Vegas or New York are our top two options right now. It depends on finances and where I can find a better deal. (I know New York is expensive; we have a friend in Jersey we can stay with & take the train in to the city - which would offset hotel costs)

Books - Couldn't quite make 30 for 2010, so that's the magic # for 2011 (baby steps). I looked over my Goodreads list of books I read in 2010 and am happy with my choices, and think there is a good range of topics. Despite my feminist tendencies I was pleased to see that almost exactly half of the books I've read were written by men. About 20% of the books I read were about topics directly related to feminism. I want to keep reading books about that topic because that's what interests me, and I'm not going to make apologies for it. That being said, I don't want to become so engrossed in it that I don't branch out and read about other topics as well. If there's anything I need to work on in regards to diversifying my book choices it would be reading books written by people of different ethnicity. I would have done much better with this if I had stayed in grad school... but c'est la vie.

Keeping in touch - Living apart from your family and friends is hard. I haven't been the best daughter/sister as far as being the one to call/write whatever, so I'm going to work on that. I'd like to keep in touch with friends too, but to be honest family is priority for me. That doesn't mean I want to sever relationships I had. It just means that life changes, people change, circumstances change, and with that you have to accept that things can't be the way they were. And if you have friends that accept that, are genuinely excited for you, and want the best for you, all the better. To quote a friend, "To old friends and new memories." Yes and Yes.

Cooking - Somehow I have got to get me and Greg out the mindset that frozen pizza and/or chicken nuggets are acceptable weekday dinners.

Patience - This one is pretty much all encompassing, but would mostly apply to my marriage. I love my husband so much. But marriage is hard, and it's something you have to work at. So far I haven't met any married people who would disagree with that.

Money - Some of the above goals require money. I feel like I was pretty good most of 2010 with saving and not using credit. It was a semi hard year financially because we had added expenses with regards to being homeowners (these go beyond taxes & property insurance) + we had to pay about $2500.00 in medical expenses due to having a high heath insurance deductible. Number one, I am glad that Greg is okay, and number 2, I know we are lucky to even have health insurance. That doesn't make it any less difficult to pay off unexpected expenses, but we did pay it off right in time for what I like to call the 4th quarter of insanity (ok, I made that up just now).

Starting in October we had: Ren Fest (tradition and super fun, but also semi expensive), my birthday, Thanksgiving vacation with Greg's family in Tennessee, Greg's birthday, about 5 people in Greg's immediate family with December birthdays, Chicago trip, + Christmas. Our anniversary is this week too (Jan 6th) and we are NOT doing gifts; we will be going out to dinner at an establishment that we received a gift card to. We made the choice to do all these things and celebrate occasions, so we don't have anyone to blame but ourselves but I think we need to scale things back next year (and spread out trips) in order to be more in line with our financial goals.

I think that's more than enough to get me started for 2011. Cheers & Happy New Year!