Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Dallas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon - this WILL happen one way or another because I already paid the $80.00 registration fee + another $100 for a hotel. Joined Fitness Connection to get some treadmill runs in after work on weekdays and then I want to increase my distance runs on the weekends. Right now I can do 6-7 miles for a long run. I put 1:55 (about 9 min/ mile) as my estimated finishing time, but I actually hope I do better than that.

Gym - Since I joined I am now resolved to actually go and also do some cross training (weights). I actually just bought some free weights (3-10 lbs) to have at home too, so I really have no excuse

Chicago Marathon?! - this is dependent on a lot of things, number one being how I do in the Half. Also, registration being available (I think they're on a lottery system now) + of course the travel expenses.

Kentucky - Haven't been to my grandparents house since before Greg and I got married. And since my grandpa wasn't at the wedding (he's sick, long story) I have been feeling a little guilty lately about not making an effort to go see them. My grandpa's 80th birthday is in October so we are thinking of going out there for that. October also corresponds to when the Chicago marathon would be, so I'm guessing I might have to pick one or the other. I could also skip the Chicago Marathon and shoot for the Houston one next January, but I always told myself if I ever did a marathon, it would Chicago.

Vacation - Greg and I always spend our vacation time and funds visiting family. This is just a fact of life when you move across the country from your family. I told Greg when we got married that even if we were dirt poor, we would always find a way to see my family at least once a year, no exceptions. That being said, we haven't really been on a "real" vacation just the two of us since our honeymoon. We've done a couple semi local weekend stays in Austin & San Antonio (about a 3 hour drive from us) but I would really like to go somewhere not in Texas or Illinois, just us, maybe this spring or summer. Vegas or New York are our top two options right now. It depends on finances and where I can find a better deal. (I know New York is expensive; we have a friend in Jersey we can stay with & take the train in to the city - which would offset hotel costs)

Books - Couldn't quite make 30 for 2010, so that's the magic # for 2011 (baby steps). I looked over my Goodreads list of books I read in 2010 and am happy with my choices, and think there is a good range of topics. Despite my feminist tendencies I was pleased to see that almost exactly half of the books I've read were written by men. About 20% of the books I read were about topics directly related to feminism. I want to keep reading books about that topic because that's what interests me, and I'm not going to make apologies for it. That being said, I don't want to become so engrossed in it that I don't branch out and read about other topics as well. If there's anything I need to work on in regards to diversifying my book choices it would be reading books written by people of different ethnicity. I would have done much better with this if I had stayed in grad school... but c'est la vie.

Keeping in touch - Living apart from your family and friends is hard. I haven't been the best daughter/sister as far as being the one to call/write whatever, so I'm going to work on that. I'd like to keep in touch with friends too, but to be honest family is priority for me. That doesn't mean I want to sever relationships I had. It just means that life changes, people change, circumstances change, and with that you have to accept that things can't be the way they were. And if you have friends that accept that, are genuinely excited for you, and want the best for you, all the better. To quote a friend, "To old friends and new memories." Yes and Yes.

Cooking - Somehow I have got to get me and Greg out the mindset that frozen pizza and/or chicken nuggets are acceptable weekday dinners.

Patience - This one is pretty much all encompassing, but would mostly apply to my marriage. I love my husband so much. But marriage is hard, and it's something you have to work at. So far I haven't met any married people who would disagree with that.

Money - Some of the above goals require money. I feel like I was pretty good most of 2010 with saving and not using credit. It was a semi hard year financially because we had added expenses with regards to being homeowners (these go beyond taxes & property insurance) + we had to pay about $2500.00 in medical expenses due to having a high heath insurance deductible. Number one, I am glad that Greg is okay, and number 2, I know we are lucky to even have health insurance. That doesn't make it any less difficult to pay off unexpected expenses, but we did pay it off right in time for what I like to call the 4th quarter of insanity (ok, I made that up just now).

Starting in October we had: Ren Fest (tradition and super fun, but also semi expensive), my birthday, Thanksgiving vacation with Greg's family in Tennessee, Greg's birthday, about 5 people in Greg's immediate family with December birthdays, Chicago trip, + Christmas. Our anniversary is this week too (Jan 6th) and we are NOT doing gifts; we will be going out to dinner at an establishment that we received a gift card to. We made the choice to do all these things and celebrate occasions, so we don't have anyone to blame but ourselves but I think we need to scale things back next year (and spread out trips) in order to be more in line with our financial goals.

I think that's more than enough to get me started for 2011. Cheers & Happy New Year!

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