Friday, February 18, 2011


Rep Jackie Speier is awesome. I'm glad that there are men and women in congress standing up for women, specifically low income women, who do desperately needs the kinds of services that planned parenthood offers.

I don't post about this kind of stuff in Facebook anymore but I am disgusted that congress is voting to defund family planning, cancer screening and STD testing under the guise of defunding abortion services when, in fact, there are Already laws in place prohibiting federal funds from being used for abortions (the only exceptions are for rape - which republicans tried to define as only as "forcible" rape; that language was quickly changed after the shit storm that ensued after women's rights activists brought it to peoples attention, and also for incest and also to protect the life of the mother (which is controversial if you happen to need a life saving abortion at a catholic hospital)

I agree that we should be focusing on jobs not on ideology. And if you happen to be against abortions then perhaps you should work on making family planning more, not less accessible. For crying out loud didn't we just spend a whole fucking year listening to republicans go on and on about how government has no place in private medical decisions? Make no mistake, the people actively fighting to make abortion illegal (and this right is being chipped away at state by state, bill by bill) are ALSO against contraception. Seriously, check out some of the major "pro life" websites beyond the home page. The evidence is there and if roe v wade ever does get overturned, birth control will be next.

Now if you made it through my rant you shall be rewarded with a Kim\Greg quote

Greg: What are you blogging about?
Kim: birth control.
Greg: AGAIN?!


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