Saturday, March 5, 2011


Kim: I'm going to Old Navy this weekend. Do you need anything?
Greg: I need some shorts.
Kim: Cargo shorts?
Greg: Well.... I like cargo shorts. But they're not really professional.
Kim: Yeah...ok....shorts, in general - not really 'professional.'*
Greg: Oh... ok. Then I need some pants.

I have been lucky enough to work for a company that basically has no dress code, but I still choose to not wear jeans at least half the time because I like dressing up. However, I would not show up in shorts. I thought most people knew that shorts are generally frowned upon in the workplace!


  1. I think you should split your blog into two different ones.

    You can have an issues blog, and call it "Fem-a-rant" or something like that.

    And then a separate one called "S#I% Gregs Says" or "S#I% We Said"

    I would read both, but the separate focuses would be funny/cool =)

  2. "Fem-a-rant," really?

    Interesting suggestion though... When I started this blog, I said didn't want to ONLY be about feminism, but I do see that have 19 posts tagged under feminism and every other topic is tagged only once or twice... and I don't really know what to tag the Greg quotes.

    Anyways, thank you for your suggestion and keep your eyes out for "Fem-a-rant" and/or "S#I% Greg Says coming to a blog near you!! (I'm not really good at blogging)

  3. "Fem-A-Rant" would make you famous and you would become a household name and then you would have to give me credit.