Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I had the weirdest/funniest dream ever, and I need to write it down.

For some reason I was traveling to London by myself, but I was having issues with security in the US because my passport still had my maiden name on it (In real life I would have taken care of this if I knew I was going on a trip; it actually does still have my maiden name on it though).

So they take me into the back room and to prove I was American, they had me recite a Bible verse. Any Bible verse. I chose John 3:16, probably the only one I could recite from memory. Any ways, knowing John 3:16 was sufficient enough for them to know that I was truly an American...but then here's the funnier part.

This is a dream of course...but in order for other agents to realize that I was an American, they made me rub my hands in a mixture of mayonnaise and ham & cheese crumbs so that I would "smell American." I just about died laughing when I woke up.

Also part of the dream but not as funny was that I ended up packing Greg's clothes by accident instead of mine (again, would never happen in real life).

I wonder what it all means?!


  1. this means you're coming to visit me and we're going to have subway, with extra mayonnaise and the dancing ham. get ready.

  2. I'm with Mel on this one. :)

  3. You are probably correct! Haha