Sunday, July 24, 2011

Its Hot Out, Yo!

First weekend without cable. It's been...ok. Oh it took me two hours to cancel it. Seriously. I called during my lunch break at work on Thursday (can't cancel online) and the prompt said "hold time may be in excess of 10 minutes." So I thought whatever I'll just do other stuff till someone picks up (I have a headset at work). Well after an other line rang so I had to hang up.

At&t customer service is only open till 6pm so I had to call while driving home from work. I just set the phone down and put it on speaker until someone picked up...45 minutes later. Good news is I got a free upgrade on my internet. Talk about red tape though.

Anyway this weekend I watched several episodes of Parks and Recreation which is an awesome show. I find that I tend to favor shows that prominently feature a talented supporting cast rather than a show that only focuses on one or two main characters. That being said Greg and I have also recently watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development and I'm just not into it so far. I know all the cool kids loved that show and its now considered a cult classic...but yeah, just not feeling it.

We informed both sets of parents today about our decision to cut out cable and both sets of parents asked how we were going to get news. Apparently they haven't caught on to this "internet" thing yet :) Plus Roku (the box we got that streams Netflix and some other free and subscription based services) has a news channel where you can watch all the cable shows...some are a day behind though.

Ran 14 miles today.10 minute pace so not super fast...but damn I was tired. It was hot out too...even though I started at 6:45am.

I saw my neighbor on a 4 wheeler today. On the street. We do not have dirt roads or lots of land in our neighborhood.

I really want summer to be over with. It's freaking hot out plus I don't have much to look forward to until the fall. Marathon, seeing the fam, birthdays, Ren Fest, Christmas...yeah, summer can move along.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Magic Bullet

I was flipping channels on my not yet cancelled cable...and came across an informercial on Home Shopping Network for "Magic Bullet."

First of all, "Magic Bullet" was definitely NOT what I thought it was (although it kind of looks like it) it is ACTUALLY some sort of fancy blender. And the women on here (including Jenny McCarthy) are super annoying. These women are acting like they freaking invented strawberry banana smoothies.

Also, and I don't want to be a hypocrite here since I'm not super adept with cooking gadgets...but there are three grown women on tv telling America that one of the reasons this particular gadget is so great is because its "not complicated." AND (this is an exact quote) "There's no buttons!!"

I find it amusing how our society simultaneously thinks women should get back in the kitchen to put their God given abilities to use AND ALSO thinks we are staring at our blenders going "THE BUTTONS!! THEY'RE SO CONFUSING!! If only someone would design something phallic shaped that didn't have any life would be so much easier!"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Should I Cancel Cable?

I'm thinking about canceling my cable, but this is something I've had my entire life and I'm not sure how hard the adjustment would be. My cable viewing is probably 70% reality tv (mostly TLC and HGTV) 20% old sitcoms and 10% news (mostly Rachel Maddow because I <3 her).

I can probably get old sitcoms on Netflix if I'm really in the mood for it, I get the news online like most people under 40 (I could probably find highlights online from Rachel's show).....and I'm just starting to feel like its not worth $60 a month to watch people on TLC eat toilet paper or buy 79 boxes of mac n cheese....or watch professional designers tell people "hey if you're trying to sell your house maybe you should paint your walls beige instead of bright purple or canary yellow...oh and you might want to take down your precious moments/troll doll collection while you're at it."

Of course I also have a husband to consider but he doesn't watch as much tv as I do. He is more into online gaming (which also costs $15 a month). He said he mostly watches Family Guy before bed which is probably also on Netflix.

Will I go crazy not being able to "channel surf?" Will I feel left out and uncool when all my coworkers are discussing the most recent episode of Modern Family & I'm a season behind? Will I feel taunted by my television knowing that it could be providing a front row seat to Hoarders? These are the important questions I must consider.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Actual Conversation Heard At Gym

Girl 1: Does it count as burning calories if you don't eat any calories?
Girl 2: Did you really not eat anything today?
Girl 1: I had a cracker and 2 almonds.