Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Magic Bullet

I was flipping channels on my not yet cancelled cable...and came across an informercial on Home Shopping Network for "Magic Bullet."

First of all, "Magic Bullet" was definitely NOT what I thought it was (although it kind of looks like it) it is ACTUALLY some sort of fancy blender. And the women on here (including Jenny McCarthy) are super annoying. These women are acting like they freaking invented strawberry banana smoothies.

Also, and I don't want to be a hypocrite here since I'm not super adept with cooking gadgets...but there are three grown women on tv telling America that one of the reasons this particular gadget is so great is because its "not complicated." AND (this is an exact quote) "There's no buttons!!"

I find it amusing how our society simultaneously thinks women should get back in the kitchen to put their God given abilities to use AND ALSO thinks we are staring at our blenders going "THE BUTTONS!! THEY'RE SO CONFUSING!! If only someone would design something phallic shaped that didn't have any buttons...my life would be so much easier!"


  1. I should preface my comment by saying that I am not in favor of portraying women as dumb in order to sell a product.

    However :), I have both a Magic Bullet and a fancy blender/food processor. The blender is much more complicated and confusing than the Magic Bullet, and I am not a stupid person. I just don't have a lot of experience with such a gadget. If I'm just trying to make a smoothie, I don't want to go through a ton of trouble assembling the blender, figuring out which perfect setting to use, and then disassembling it to clean it. Therefore, I have not found many uses for it. But since the Magic Bullet is insanely simple to operate and maintain, I used it a ton, mostly for smoothies, although I did make a couple other things with it. (It's currently needing some part replaced, but I haven't gone through the trouble of doing that.)

    So in some ways, they are right on. The thing is awesome and simple. But I don't think they need to act like idiots in order to get that point across. :)

  2. Valid point. I'm definitely not against efficiency or user friendly products. Maybe it was just the infomerciallyness of the way they were talking that made it seem so annoying. Plus my blender is super easy to use and tells you what each setting is (I think I got it from cassidy for my shower) so I didn't really see the point of switching to a new product for that reason.

  3. Did you just make a feminist rant out of a blender commercial?!?!? Really?!?!

    Can't we get a snarky Greg quote in response to this or something?

  4. I believe you are looking for my other blog S#I% Greg says. :)