Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Should I Cancel Cable?

I'm thinking about canceling my cable, but this is something I've had my entire life and I'm not sure how hard the adjustment would be. My cable viewing is probably 70% reality tv (mostly TLC and HGTV) 20% old sitcoms and 10% news (mostly Rachel Maddow because I <3 her).

I can probably get old sitcoms on Netflix if I'm really in the mood for it, I get the news online like most people under 40 (I could probably find highlights online from Rachel's show).....and I'm just starting to feel like its not worth $60 a month to watch people on TLC eat toilet paper or buy 79 boxes of mac n cheese....or watch professional designers tell people "hey if you're trying to sell your house maybe you should paint your walls beige instead of bright purple or canary yellow...oh and you might want to take down your precious moments/troll doll collection while you're at it."

Of course I also have a husband to consider but he doesn't watch as much tv as I do. He is more into online gaming (which also costs $15 a month). He said he mostly watches Family Guy before bed which is probably also on Netflix.

Will I go crazy not being able to "channel surf?" Will I feel left out and uncool when all my coworkers are discussing the most recent episode of Modern Family & I'm a season behind? Will I feel taunted by my television knowing that it could be providing a front row seat to Hoarders? These are the important questions I must consider.

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  1. I haven't had real cable since I moved out of my mom's house over two years ago. (We have super-basic cable right now, it's essentially antenna channels but without the antenna and converter box, plus Comcast throws in the analog channels of Discovery and Travel. It came as a package with our internet.) Other than that, we have Netflix and Hulu Plus on our Sony BluRay player and Xbox 360 (and Netflix on the Wii in our bedroom). Honestly, I haven't really missed cable all that much, and I had it pretty much my whole life before that (except when I was living at school, I guess). Sometimes I miss some of my favorite shows, but I've gotten into other shows thanks to Netflix and Hulu. I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I've never been good at keeping up with shows in real time, but at least with Hulu, I can catch up fairly quickly (this was really only important with The Office).

    In a way, you can still surf through what's out there, although it isn't exactly the same. I love not having all the commercials (except the few on Hulu), and I actually love the fact that Vic can't surf while I'm watching a show (this only comes into play when we're watching actual TV, which does happen sometimes, haha). For Greggy, I'm pretty sure that all the seasons of Family Guy are on Netflix, and they're on Hulu also. And for you, Netflix has Hoarders, and Hulu has Modern Family. :) Also, we still get our football games, except the ones they put on ESPN or the NFL network, but we use that as an excuse to go out to Buffalo Wild Wings or Chili's. :) So all in all, I'm completely satisfied without having all the cable channels, and it wasn't a difficult adjustment at all really.

    And if you're curious, here's our monthly cost break-down:
    Comcast: $35.58 (promo price till January, I think it will be like $75 then for TV & internet)
    Netflix: $9.99 ($7.99 starting 9/1)
    Hulu Plus: $7.99
    Xbox Live membership: $5 (paid yearly)
    Total: $58.56