Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reading Comments on Internet Bad For Your Health

Reading comments on the internet makes me lose faith in humanity.

Headline: Five Year Old Dies After Mom Can't Afford Multiple Prescriptions
Comments: Well if she couldn't afford it tough shit. FREE MARKET!!!!

Note: I'm not anti business. I don't think corporations are evil. Even pharmaceutical companies who probably do some serious price gouging. I get that R & D costs money. I just think a little bit more compassion and common sense would go a long way.

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  1. THANK YOU! I'm so glad that someone else hates all the comments on news stories as much as I do! Well, I assume as much, perhaps not, but I'm just excited that someone else is saying what I've thought for soooo long. I used to read news stories on websites like, but I would inevitably get sucked into the comments section and completely regret that I ever navigated to the page in the first place. It just made me so mad to think that everyone who opened their mouth to speak (or put their fingers on the keyboard to type, I guess) had nothing but rude things to say and with terrible grammar and spelling to boot. I am eternally grateful to CNN for leaving off all comments from the news stories that they publish on their app. While I wish there were more stories sometimes, I never want to go back to the website and ingest more of the hate, ignorance, and ridiculousness that people write on every story. The particular comment you mention here is awful.