Sunday, May 13, 2012

Same Page

I like that Greg and I are on the same page when it comes to bullshit.  In that we spot it pretty easily and don't tolerate it.

I really enjoy watching the Suze Orman show. I will admit to you that part of the reason I enjoy watching it is to know that other people are worse off than I am.  And make dumber decisions.  But then you always have the jackass who ruins it by calling in and saying, "I make $12,000 a month and have 1.5 million in savings/retirement.  Suze - can I afford a new dishwasher?"

There was a 20 minute segment on with a couple about our age who had been married five years and was having financial difficulties.  They guy had lost his job, and they admitted they never agreed about money even during the beginning of their marriage.

Suze likes to get into psychology and frequently tells people that financial problems are often the symptom, not the cause of, relationship problems.  She was just going on and on with this couple....and a lot of what she was saying was absolutely true and good advice.

Greg came into the room though and said, "This problem could be solved in five seconds. YOU - stop spending money you don't have.  YOU - stop treating him like a baby.  DONE."

Harsh, but true. Greg and I would probably both be bad advice columnists.  Our answers to people's problems would likely be short and a little insulting.  But probably hilarious.