Thursday, November 15, 2012

Free Contraceptives for Everyone! (Or Just the Sluts)

Mitt Romney's comments yesterday on birth control (among other things) prove just how out of touch he is:

"Free contraceptives were very big with young college-aged women," he continued. "And then, finally, Obamacare also made a difference for them, because as you know, anybody now 26 years of age and younger was now going to be part of their parents' plan, and that was a big gift to young people. They turned out in large numbers, a larger share in this election even than in 2008."

He seems to not understand that:

1. Most women are still going to have to pay for birth control by purchasing insurance plans and paying monthly premiums.  Getting birth control without a copay is a benefit of the plan....that people pay for.

2. It's not just "college-aged sluts women" that use birth control.  99% of women use birth control at some point in their lives, including married women.

It's like he can't comprehend that someone might be married and want to delay having a child, or a second or third child. And more often than not it's for economic reasons.

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